Good way to find a Tripod!

Hello lovely people!! I hope you all are doing good and if not then please be patient , everything will be alright with time. As we all know everyone loves capturing their moments and sharing them with other people. But we can’t always have a cameraman at our beck and call , so we have… Continue reading Good way to find a Tripod!

Welcome Back friends!

Hi my beautiful people’s, I am Layla and I’m back. Everyone needs a laptop for themselves .. So Today I will recommend some laptops which you can buy for yourself and your loved ones or as a gift to others. Here is the list of 5 best laptops you will like… Gaming laptops: The ABCs… Continue reading Welcome Back friends!

My Lappy:)

1} CPU & GPU Options When it comes to laptops, it’s very difficult to turn a blind eye towards the sea of Intel based laptops. Intel’s portfolio is simply huge compared to AMD. That being said, there are really powerful options to consider on both fronts. Intel’s Tiger Lake processors have shown incredible performance numbers… Continue reading My Lappy:)

Hello world!

I am starting my first blog.. I never thought I’ll be writing blogs But due to all the unique bloggers and reading their posts and knowing about them just makes my day So here I am writing a blog about electronic devices Since it’s 21 st Century , we can find atleast 1electronic device in… Continue reading Hello world!