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Everyone is a photographer in their own unique way

As we all know everyone loves capturing their moments and sharing them with other people. But we can’t always have a cameraman at our beck and call , so we have an option which is Tripod stand. Its light and easy to carry. It is affordable and compact in size.

Now a days almost everyone has a mobile and knows how to take picture though not everyone takes a picture like a professional , I myself can hardly take a few good pictures .But moving on to our topic today I will tell you some facts to consider while buying a tripod for yourself.

1] Tripod components:

a] Legs = Tripod legs are typically made of aluminium ,steel ,carbon fibre or basalt. Tripods usually have 3 and 5 sections.

b] Head = The part that holds a digital camera /mobile. It is an important part of the tripod.

c] Centerpost / Center Column= A seperate leg that runs through the middle , allowing to further raise the tripod head.

d]Feet = Good tripods allow changing tripod feet at the end of the legs for indoor and outdoor use.

2] Weight : The first thing to look at is how much is the initial weight of the tripod and how much weight does the tripod supports. If the weight of the tripod is more than it becomes a problem to carry it around with us. And if the tripod does not support heavy weight than at one point of use the tripod will collapse resulting in our loss.

3] Tripod Height : Always consider what you need your tripod for. Their are many varieties in the height and I would recommend one that is comfortable enough for you to use.

Now that while writing about these tripods I had gathered enough information for me to understand what type of tripod I would like to buy. You all can please check if you prefer any of these.

  • DIGITEK® (DTR 455 LT) Tripod –
  • Tygot Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod Stand Holder-
  • Digitek DTR 550 LW (67 Inch) Tripod-
  • Tygot Gorilla Tripod/Mini (13 Inch) Tripod-
  • AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag-
  • Tygot Lightweight & Portable Portable 7 Feet (84 Inch) Long Tripod Stand with Adjustable Mobile Clip Holder-

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